Hatay, Turkey, 2019

Tahincioglu G.Y.O.
Interior Design

GVDS adopted a main principle as creating different atmospheres depending on difference between functional areas, in Palladium Antakya Mall, which was built around gallery spaces that are enlightened by natural daylight. An efficient design is always driven by common sense. Challenging the norms of traditional mall design, we look at ways that scale, context and streetscape can enhance user experience.

The food court section on the top floor, which covers a large and long space, was consciously diminished in scale with the help of over-sized wooden cantilevers inspired from the traditional Antakya houses. The majority of the columns were covered with colored glass, while wood was used on the lower parts. The wood also used for covering the ceiling provided a warm atmosphere for the whole space.

Similar lighting fittings made of acrylic were placed on different floors to create a relationship among them. The same fitting design was kept on ceilings but wall lamps were used on upper front parts of the galleries, with an order reminiscent with arbitrarily distributed stars.Linear lighting fittings with alternating gaps were used on the vertical surfaces of the food court to represent speed and motion. Similar linear lighting fittings were used on the vertical gallery walls, as if they are like Mikado sticks spread arbitrarily. The same lighting fixtures were placed on the ceilings representing the projection of the wooden cantilevers on the top floor.