Istanbul, Turkey, 2018

Modern Restaurant A.S.
Interior Design
600 m²

Brasserie Polonez Restaurant is the latest concept restaurant project of GVDS. The space was designed as part of an overhaul of the well-known Office building ; Vadi İstanbul , which is largely offices, undertaken by its original architects. The 170-seat restaurant encompasses 800 m2 occupying the full floor plate.

The main brasserie area is attached to the semi-open terrace and between these two spaces a wooden frame glazed facade is situated as a warm house entrance of 70’s. Inside; double height space allows different types of seating experience, such as , raised lounge seating area, tables-chair, table-diwan type of seating, are located, throughout the limits of the space.

Above all, it is a great luck that we share the same point of view with the client whent it comes to production process.