İstanbul, Turkey, 2013

Ziylan, Mesturkuaz, Uzman GYO
Interior Design
20.000 m²

The mall with a 120.000m² - covered space in four floors is placed in Istanbul, Sultanbeyli, where green areas, parks or open-air public spaces in the region is lacking. While working on the interior design of this four storied shopping mall with 120.000m² total space in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul, the most basic principle of design was to create a green recreational area on the ground level with no commercial function present around.

Thus a neutral and quiet public recreational green area without any commercial activity was created in the middle of the ground floor regarding the needs of all potential users, for children at most. Taking into consideration that the county already lacks green areas, all users’ and especially children’s recreational needs were looked out for and a public space as neutral and calm as possible was created.

Perforated wooden ceiling panels in wavy forms were used to break the linear axis of the extremely long corridors, which could be overly regular and boring.

Sultanbeyli Shopping Mall was built around a single gallery space which takes natural sunlight for long hours and as a result it had very long corridors. In order to deform the linear form which could have easily become dull and homogeneous, perforated and modular wooden roof panels were implemented in wavy shapes.