Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2019

A Saudia
Architectural Design
4.000 m²

The project is a five-storey headquarter for a leading international company located on Jeddah, KSA. The building respects the architectural and historical references of the local area, as far as stone to glass ratio and alignments are concerned, yet does so without direct historical reference. The building has great functional flexibility and uses a thin stone suspended skin as both a shading device and a strong image-maker for its corporate owner, while satisfying the two-third stone and one third glass zoning requirements.

The floor plates are freed of structural constraints while all the building services are pushed into the two blind ends, since the building combines different functions in it; while the ground floor has welcomes both retail spaces and Office entrance and the first floor embraces the firm’s working Office area. Biari Office Building will have been finalised in third quarter of 2019.