30.000 sqm





The first abroad housing project of GVDS, Limasol Residence and Hotel Project is located in Limasol which is a coastal town at South Cyprus. Project is situated in coastal region where old industrial buildings and areas,which are inappropriate for qualified-use,  needed to enliven touristically as a result of many transformations. It will lead like a pioneer about becoming the new attraction center where construction and recreation projects will occur.

Mediterranean Sea is the main reference. Close position to the sea is evaluated by visually interrelating with sea. Towers, commercial areas, social areas and yard are formed in order to have the vision of sea.The road connects with the structure from a single point therewith the facade heads towards to the road.

The project was built on an area of 22,500 square meters. Besides residence and houing functions; the project contains social and commercial functions as restaurant, gym, swimming pool in itself.

A fiction following constructions is traced around the atrium which brings vitality to life. Social and commercial bodies are positioned around the yard embraces the user with its green texture, pleases with pool, discreases the effects of warm climate via its canopy. Towers are pulled back to borders of construction site so that continuous Mediterranean vista can be offered by the yard which raised  6 m up from the ground. In a similar manner; trade volumes and towers strenghten the panaroma effects by creating terraces ranging from south to north where sea view is observible and provide the visual connection of structure.

Curvy amorphous lines penetrated the whole project are pursued at residence towers too. Towards to upper level of tower, curves get thinner; when reached to the terrace, lines keep going freely to the sky so that it gives the feeling of incompleteness of amorphous.

While public available services like gym and swimming pool locates at lower levels, residence funtion becomes appearant at upper levels. Unlike pervious facaded lower levels, opaque facades are preferred where perforated balconies act like a sunblind and remain in the forefront. Towers surrounded by balconies which have the full view of the city lighten the structure’s mass by getting thinner from the ground level.

Natural material usage is important topic at this project so; at the courtyard, where people can get in touch with water and greenfield, natural stone and timber are used as material. Glass and steel at pervious spaces. While steel charactarizes the structure’s expression at bottom levels, starting from garden floor, timber comes into play.