75.000 sqm





The major starting point of Watergarden Jeddah is to present qualified and pleased places to users within the limits of climate conditions. In Saudi Arabia, city of Jeddah; Watergarden creates its own references by facing the street where there is no dense housing. The project which is near the  public spaces , purposes to contribute the region to be a center of attraction with its trade areas and housing zones.

Hot and arid climate which is the most significant factor determining the designing process is accepted as an input varying and transforming the installation . At the very center of the public area which is quite open from outside, there is water besides massive and opaque volumes are forming contrast and draws attention to the center. Circulation areas which belong to parks and houses are located at the edges in order to create a continuous and wide space at the center. There are roads connecting different functions together; around the water pool, vertical circulation elements defines streets. From this aspect, the pool which collects users in the water-focused center in the beginning, then distributes the users and directs structure. The terraces formed in the upper level aloow softening of the building mass and revealing differentiating perspectives.

Various decisions are influential on making physical conditions fit. While water provides thermal comfort with refreshment; pool show, movement and reflection contribute to the visual appeal and movement of the space. Shaded streets and opaque surfaces helps to control the impact of direct sunlight. The facade created with parametric design enables the integration of environmental data into the structure and the development of aesthetic language. The bridge panels which are the most prominent elements on the side facing the Street, act during the day to control permeability, but also tranform it according to different conditions.

Natural materİals such as stone and wood are used in several parts in order to gain the attractiveness of nature. While the natural stone that matches with the water and greenery where it is used as landscape element, it provides the simple mass effect in the places where it is used as facade cladding. The wood accompanies the natural stone by recalling lightness, adds visual value with harmonious color. Verical circulation blocks which connects different function units together, dissociates from other panes with its functions and also characteristics . The perforation surface of the cores, where this difference is followed by the use of steel material, allows for light and shadow play, while the green face strengthens the bond with nature.