Görkem Volkan Design Studio has been specialized in providing architectural & interior design and project consultation services since it has been founded in Istanbul in 2006. As GVDS, in all the projects that we participate, our top priority is to successfully provide the services of design, project coordination, on-site monitoring of the application and production processes, interdisciplinary coordination, quantity survey and preparation of bidding documents through a coordinated teamwork between the client and the architect . While we believe that design has an essential role to play in building corporate style and brand, in our projects, we successfully present options that best fit the client, the users and the environmental factors. As architects and designers, we are aware of our responsibility to create high performance, healthy and functional spaces that accommodates direct interaction among people.We aim to manage the short and long term scheduling requirements and the priorities of the clients in each project, in compliance with the designated factors. We believe that, in all phases of concept design, project creation, application and controlling processes, success can be achieved by becoming a good team player and we hold efficient teamwork in high regard, knowing how much value it adds to any project. As GVDS, in architectural design and interior design fields, we have successfully managed the design, application and coordination projects for Accommodation, Office and Retail spaces, having completed more than 800.000 m2 of covered area in total.










5.000 sqm





Capitalbank Headquarter located in 1000 sqm area in Lefkosa region of northern Cyprus.

Building rises in total 6 floors and it has two separate functional parts, adminitration and bank brach. These functions were determined as bank central office, operational areas, seminar-conference areas and management building on the floor level basis. The reinforced concrete structure has a angled glass facade to match the Cyprus climate and second facade from the expanded metal mesh which designed for solar control. The solid natural stone walls used on both sides of the structure provides background for the star form, which is the official indentity of the company. The wooden band which acts as a link between these two natural stones, creates the frame of the building at the same time. Thanks to these wooden panels which moves horizontally according to the movement of the sun, the building becomes sustainible with increasing natural lighting and decreasing mechanical heating-cooling systems.

Priority has been given to the use of natural and local materials in interior architecture. Only the plantation Cedar tree was used as wood, and local natural stone was used on the grounds. The social areas on each floor are linked to each other with the vertical gaps which helps to create effective working spaces.

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